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Mr. LUPETU SIDIBE Cheick is a lawyer specialized in OHADA law, comparative business and insurance. He was admitted to the Bar of Kinshasa/Matété in February 2018, after a year of collaboration with the Accounting Firm FICADEX-AFRIQUE RDCONGO.

Thanks to his expertise in OHADA Law, Mr. LUPETU was in charge, during the 2018 Audit mission of the Société Financière de Banque S.A., to audit the legal aspect and good governance of the said company. 

He successfully conducted the verification of the compliance of the articles of association of SOFIBANQUE S.A with the community provisions of OHADA law, including the verification of the minutes and attendance sheets of the Meetings as provided for in Article 532 AUSCGIE, of mandates of the proxies of shareholders absent in the various meetings of the Board of Directors and contracts.

Mr. LUPETU was also an associate in the international law firm of the eminent Congolese lawyer Mr. Emery MUKENDI WAFWANA. During this period, he drafted several Memos, Legal Opinions, Follow-up of Cases and Summary of Laws.

He briefly worked at COVEA Group as a Legal Protection Lawyer, and as a Legal Mediator for Access to Rights at the Commune of La Riche in France.


Mr. LUPETU is easily involved in the field of OHADA Law and Insurance, providing advice and interest defense strategy.

Her seriousness and her sense of active listening are major assets in the drafting of legal acts and the implementation of legal strategies adapted to each situation.


Graduated in LAW from several French universities and the Ecole Supérieure d'Assurance, Mr. LUPETU SIDIBE Cheick holds a Master 2 in Comparative Business Law, Insurance Manager, a Master's degree in Corporate Law from the University of Lorraine/Metz, as well as an Inter-University Diploma in OHADA JURIST from the University of Panthéon ASSAS and Paris 13. 

In 2014, Mr. LUPETU graduated at the top of his class in Bachelor's degree in Fundamental Private Law at the prestigious Central University of Tunis/Tunisia.

To date, Maître LUPETU SIDIBE is the author of several legal articles in OHADA law, published on the following websites:,, RMKAssocié, Lé, Lé

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