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Billys Bilis

DR Congo


Mr. BILIS LOTENGO Billys is a Bar Member at the Courts of Appeal of Kinshasa/Matete and Kongo-Central in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He worked alongside the late Maître EMERY MUKENDI WAFWANA until his death and where, in order to perfect his skills, he was a member of the scientific and editorial committee at JuriAfrique, Juridocs, Afrilex, all portals of African law.

He is a member of the International Union of Lawyers and of international Association of young Lawyers as well as various legal research centers in the DRC.

Honorary member of the Bar Association for the Training of Lawyers, he has participated and participates in various seminars and trainings related to the law and the legal profession both nationally and internationally.

In his professional practice, he advises, assists and represents public and private clients, national and international, in the areas of business, investment and general commercial law, taxation, mining law, public procurement, maritime law, intellectual property and copyright law, insurance law, etc. labour law, criminal law and civil law.

With the advent of OHADA law, he has accompanied and is supporting various companies in the realization of their investment projects from the creation phase, prospecting, and exploitation. As such, he dedicates his profession to advising his clients with verbal and written legal opinions.

In his litigation practice, he advises and represents clients before the courts and tribunals in all jurisdictions of the DRC. He is a court of cassation before the Common Court of Justice and Arbitration of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa "OHADA" ("CCJA"), in matters relating to OHADA's uniform acts and regulations.

He also acts as a lawyer before disciplinary bodies. In this capacity, he has on several occasions assisted and represented clients before the various Bar Councils and the National Bar Council both in disciplinary matters and in fee disputes.

Mr.  BILIS LOTENGO Billys holds a Bachelor's degree (Bac+5) from the Faculty of Law of the University of Kinshasa. He is currently pursuing his postgraduate studies (D.E.S/D.E.A) and aims to obtain a PhD.

He is on the list of OHADA law arbitrators of the National Center for Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation (CENACOM) and works as an associate consultant at RCN Justice & Democracy
The practice of his profession is done in French, English and Mandarin (Chinese language).

He is the author of several publications and scientific contributions, including:

·       The establishment of the no-go zone and no-go zones in Congolese mining and quarrying law (on;

·        Sanctions and their main causes in DRC mining and quarrying law (on;

·      BILIS Lotengo (B.), "Implications of the Modification of the Family Code on Inheritance in DR Congo: Analysis of the Legislation in Force", in Mouvements et enjeux sociales- revue internationale des dynamique sociales, n° 128, May-June 2023, pp. 163-172;

·    BILIS Lotengo (B.), DJO Ngula (H.), "The testament, a necessity for the safeguarding of post-mortem social peace with a view to a harmonious succession in the Democratic Republic of Congo", in Cahiers Africains des Droits de l'Homme et de la Démocratie as well as du Développement durable, 27th year, No. 78, Vol. 1, January-March 2023, pp. 171-188;

·       BILIS Lotengo (B.), LESSIE Abonzai (R.), "Implications of the Amendment of the Family Code on Adoption in the Democratic Republic of Congo: An Analytical Look at the Legislation on the Intercountry Adoption of the Child", in Cahiers Africains des Droits de l'Homme et de la Démocratie as well as Sustainable Development, 26th year, No. 77, Vol. 2, October-December 2022, pp. 183-201;

·        Logging in the DRC: analysis of the legislation in force (on;

·    The causes and procedures of dissolution of a commercial company: case of limited liability companies in the DRC (on;

·         Termination of a non-professional lease in the Democratic Republic of Congo (on;

·         Termination of the professional lease in the Democratic Republic of Congo (on;

·         The recovery of lawyers' fees in the Democratic Republic of Congo: outline of legal conformity with social realities (on;

·         Collection of texts inherent to the training of lawyers, Kinshasa, unpublished, 2016.

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Billys Bilis
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